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  • 04-Mar-2020

    Genevieve Leveille is the Principal Founder of AgriLedger, a UK blockchain outfit aiming to ensure farmers receive adequate pay for crops. The company is working with the Haiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry and ESIH on a DLT Pilot, which is also sponsored by the World Bank.

    The post Q&A: Genevieve Leveille, Principal Founder & CEO, AgriLedger appeared first on Techerati.

  • 03-Mar-2020

    Killian Stokes drinks drip filter black coffee. He’s a university lecturer and co-founder of Moyee Coffee Ireland, a Greentech coffee company with big ambitions – to disrupt the industry’s global business model.

    True to his Irish roots, on a night out, you’ll find him catching up with friends in a pub - the Old Spot in Dublin is one of his favourites.

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  • 28-Feb-2020

    Digital Catapult is one of the most important organisations in the UK when it comes to emerging technologies. Cut loose from marketing, influencer and sales hype, the government agency equips UK businesses with tools and knowledge to become early adopters of transformational technologies. And with their help, forward-thinking UK businesses can receive grants to fund the next generation of game-changing tech projects.

    A technology that both inspires and confuses businesses in equal measure is blockchain -- which is technically not one technology but a suite of technologies comprising distributed databases, cryptography and automated contracts. 

    The post The state of blockchain in the UK, with Digital Catapult’s Robert Learney appeared first on Techerati.

  • 28-Feb-2020

    Where do your meals come from? Over the past few decades, the world’s food industry has gone through a radical evolution, becoming highly industrialised and globally connected. It’s not unusual for a European’s dinner plate to include Ecuadorian asparagus, Thai prawns and Kenyan rice. In many ways, this is an impressive feat. However, as Vincent Doumeizel, Director of the Food Programme at Lloyd's Register Foundation points out, today’s “savvy consumers want to know exactly where their food comes from".

    The post Top of the food chain – how blockchain might affect what you eat appeared first on Techerati.

  • 20-Feb-2020

    “The blockchain revolution in government has not lived up to expectations yet.” That’s according to government digital transformation expert Miquel Estapé. Estapé is Vice-President of Government Digital Innovation at The Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners and Deputy CEO of the Open Government of Catalonia Consortium.

    The digital transformation expert devotes much of his life to researching how emerging technologies can be harnessed to deliver improved and more innovative public services. Over the last few years, no emerging technology has caught the public sector’s (and wider society’s) imagination quite like blockchain. It has subsequently become a key research focus for Estapé, and will be the subject of his session at Blockchain Technology World in London this March.

    The post Blockchain in Government: Hollow, but hopeful appeared first on Techerati.

  • 10-Feb-2020

    While the term “digital asset” is cropping up more and more in the media and financial markets, it remains shrouded in uncertainty. Despite growing awareness of “digital assets”, many remain uncertain as to what the term means, and whether there is real value in this nascent market. 

    This is undoubtedly the result of the chequered history of the digital asset and cryptocurrency space. These terms have been viewed as somewhat interchangeable, leading to confusion and misconceptions surrounding the nature, purpose, and viability of digital asset classes across industries. 

    The post Know your tokens: Defining “digital assets” appeared first on Techerati.

  • 13-Nov-2019
    Blockchain truth

    A Google search for “blockchain” brings up nearly 300 million results. Try finding “understanding blockchain” and you’ll find a mere 152,000 references.

    And there’s the innovator’s dilemma. While there’s no shortage of commentary on blockchain from supporters as well as detractors, the clash of opinions, information and misinformation has made it difficult for even a general tech enthusiast to figure out what blockchain is and isn’t.

    These are five of the most prevalent myths debunked.

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  • 30-Oct-2019

    A lot has happened since Satoshi Nakamoto penned his infamous Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin now sits at just over $9,000, at its peak approacheing the lofty heights of $14,000. The cryptocurrency now boasts a market cap of $169 billion and commands 69 percent of the crypto market. 

    Aside from Bitcoin establishing itself as credible object of value, blockchain, the technology (or suite of technologies) that underpins the digital currency, has captivated businesses around the world. Many are investing astronomical sums to exploit what they perceive as the biggest technological disruptor since AI.

    Blockchain hype is at fever pitch. According to analyst house Gartner, the technology will create more than $176 billion dollars worth of business value by 2025. At technology conferences around the world, blockchain ‘experts’ are urging organisations to move past Bitcoin and crypto obsession. The crypto arena is the playground of cranks and snake oil salesman, we’re told -- blockchain is the domain where serious technologists should focus their attention. 

    The post TechWeek 2019: Bitcoin – the mother of all blockchains? appeared first on Techerati.

  • 09-Oct-2019

    In going beyond grains and gold, commodities have now taken on a new form in the age of personalisation. “Data is the new oil”, many have argued, and data has come to cement its position as the most valuable resource in the digital era.

    From advertising to remittance, industries today benefit from the efficiencies offered by digitalisation, thriving on the seamless flow of information and the easy connections formed across stakeholders beyond borders.

    Despite this ease, the next frontier appears to be in automation, as the resulting supply chain — across all sectors ranging from healthcare to finance, consumer goods to entertainment — has become hindered by the middlemen and third-parties.

    The post Rewiring the network: How smart contracts are driving the next phase in business automation appeared first on Techerati.

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